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We are the place you go to for real food. We cook with the best virgin oils, prepare our dressings from scratch, provide gluten and dairy free meals, and keep all artificial sweeteners, unhealthy oils, and sugars out of the kitchen. We care about your health today, tomorrow and for life!

Laura Lee’s Healthy Plate teaches people how to live a healthy and quality lifestyle with every service we offer.

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Laura Lee grew up as the youngest of nine with parents who showed her the way to a healthy living. She is a certified personal trainer, whole food cook, and a healthy lifestyle coach. Her passion is to show people how to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Build Your Plate Small

Build Your Healthy Plate

Build Your own Healthy Plate today and get more Veggies in your life. 07.10.2015

Alkaline Forming Foods

[top_rated_products per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="" order=""] Keeping your body’s pH at a healthy state is very important! Even if it has zero calories does not mean it’s not acidic. Disease and disorder, doctors say, cannot take root in a body whose pH is in balance. 30.09.2015

10 Grocery Items to Check

Americans consume an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar per day. That’s almost 1/2 cup a day! Sugar does a fantastic job of hiding in our food and a lot of times we are clueless we are even consuming sugar. Not even knowing it’s in there makes it pretty hard to clean up our diet […]


Kitchen Essentials Guide

Upgrade your Kitchen today with our Kitchen Essentials Guide.               Download Kitchen Essentials Guide 08.09.2015

Grocery Store Guide

Check out our Grocery Store List and begin your Healthy Plate lifestyle today! Download Grocery Store List  


Pumpkin Carob Pudding

This is a snack that I make when I have a sweet tooth after lunch or dinner but don’t want to fully indulge. I love dessert and delicious snacks but those are treats, not everyday snacks. This is a recipe that won’t set you back on being consistent with your healthy eating. No Guilt Pumpkin […]


Good & Bad Oils

What are bad oils/ fats and why? Hydrogenated Oils Trans fatty acids are the result of the hydrogenation process. These are hazardous byproducts and are health destroyers. Some meat and dairy products contain small amounts of naturally occurring trans fat. But most trans fat is formed through an industrial process that adds hydrogen to vegetable […]


Your Healthy Plate

At Laura Lee’s our community of chefs, trainers, and lifestyle experts are here to give you a structured meal plan you can easily follow.


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Hand crafted gourmet meals ready in only minutes. Our team of gourmet chefs creates delicious and nutritious meals from fresh and locally sourced ingredients.