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Lettuce help you increase your nutrients in a delicious way in order to keep you more satisfied through the day!


Your trainer is your accountability, your nutrition and fitness coach, and your personal motivator!


Our goal is to help people with fitness and nutrition for a complete lifestyle transformation.

Healthy Plates to Make Your Healthy Life Easy

Laura Lee's Healthy Plate

Laura Lee’s healthy plate is a health food and supplement store that’s main goal is to help others change their mindset about fitness and nutrition for a complete lifestyle transformation.

We offer a program that provides lunches for you for the month made from scratch in our kitchen. We also offer grocery store visits, vitamin and supplement consults, and cooking demos that will help you get on the right track to living and feeling healthier.

HP Meals

Freshly made meals prepared for the week and ready for pickup every Monday. No sugar, artificial sweeteners, or hydrogenated oils. Tons of variety and nutrients in every meal! Add protein shakes to your program as a second meal.

HP Fitness

Meet with our Healthy Plate Trainers inside one of Columbia’s best health clubs, Wilson’s Fitness, and achieve the body you’ve been wanting with a personalized workout program built to help you achieve your goals!

HP Lifestyle

Laura Lee will personally shop with you at your local grocery store and cook with you in the comfort of your own home. Sign up for a kitchen makeover and she will even clean your cabinets of unhealthy food!

Recent Healthy Plate Meals

Healthy Plate Success Stories

"I’m currently in my third month with the Healthy Plate. I continue to drop pounds, being at my lowest adult weight! Only a few more pounds and I will reach my High School weight. And, it’s been quite a few years since I graduated from High School. That’s a good feeling and my ultimate goal (for now)." – Beth Van Hove, Columbia, MO

"After contemplating for several days about making serious changes in our daily eating habits I finally gave in and signed up for a free consultation with Laura. It was the best thing I have done in years. Laura doesn’t make it so that you are dependent upon her for your healthy choices. She is there to guide you if you need guidance or meal plan for you if that is what you need. You never feel like you are going it alone and I think that is what makes the difference between trying to eat healthier and making a lifestyle change and really lasts!" – Kristen Launius, Columbia, MO